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The essence of Magic Sewa is deeply rooted in the idea of easing mobility for customers - customers who endure a series of compromises - compromiseson the quality of cabs, compromises on the quality and training of drivers, misleading/obscure pricing, legal entangles, uncaring attitude to environment etc.

No Compromise Service

Magic Sewa with its "No Compromise" motto aims to serve without any shortcuts to either cab quality (100% new CNG sedans) choice and behaviour (three layer verification, constantly trained) or to reliability. We never charge you for peak time.

Legal Compliance

100% compliance with the rules and regulations by Magic sewa gives you uninterrupted transport services. We hold a licence for operating city cab services, our permit allows us to run city taxis in Delhi-NCR, and our fleet is powered by clean CNG fuel. We have gone as far as to place a complaint/feedback register in every cab as required by the law. This has made us future proof given the prevailing legal uncertainties in the city taxi industry.

Care for Environment

In compliance of the Supreme Court's mandate that only CNG and battery operated taxis can run in Delhi-NCR, we have become the latest of a very few city taxi operators who operate 100% CNG fleet. Apart from this, our entire fleet is brand new and maintained preventively which contributes massively to making us environment friendly.

Care for Society

Social service is in the DNA of Magic Sewa! We don't have a CSR department with degrees of separation; our ways are more immersive, more intensive and more effective. Each of our drivers has vowed to contribute Rs.1,000 per month towards the education of poor girl students once they reach decent profitability. It's not just donating the money; it involves changing things on ground.