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Magic Sewa is an entrepreneurial venture whose growth is firmly anchored to the personal growth and career development of its employees. Our survival and success lies in our ability to continuously correlate talent development at all levels to growth strategies.

At Magic Sewa, you will have the opportunity to develop a set of competencies and master new skills. In an environment that integrates learning, we prepare and groom you for internal mobility and growth as the company expands.

The workplace culture motivates and empowers you to develop and implement new ideas and concepts. Excellence, innovation and engagement are greatly valued and rewarded. We see you as the company's brand ambassadors who promote the ethos of the company to new employees.

Rewards & Recognitions

We recognise even the smallest contribution of every employee through Rewards and Recognition programmes which are designed to motivate employees and to help improve work habits and key behaviours. Some of the categories of awards are

  1. Innovation & Creativity
  2. Going beyond duty hours
  3. Loyalty/ Reliability awards
  4. Discipline
  5. Long service awards

Engagement Activities

By nature, humans are social animals who need to remain engaged with fellow human beings for personal, social and intellectual development and happiness. To apply this perspective to workplace, we are in the process of evolving the following categories of engagement:

  1. Intellectual development: Group discussions and debates centred around social / cultural and political issues
  2. Happiness: Recreational activities, parties, outings and participation in external events, often involving family members
  3. Career advancement: Creating new work experiences, job rotations, imparting new skills, team building exercises

Employee Referrals

Employees know their company best. They know it inside out - its work culture, ethos, business processes, management gaps, open positions - the things one needs to know in order to seamless integrate into an organisation. Employees, therefore, are best placed to suggest suitable candidates for open positions from within their networks.

Every time a position becomes available, it is first sought to be filled from within the company through upward mobility of existing employees, failing which, it is advertised internally under the "Employees Referral Program" entailing a reward for the 'recruiting-employee'.


Manager, Sales and Marketing - Autotisement

Autotisement is a registered trademark of Magic Sewa under which it plans to promote advertisements on autorickshaws and taxis. A self-driven, independent and ambitious person with requisite skills, experience and adequate contacts in the advertising world can churn out millions in revenues every month. At least 3-5 years of experience in marketing and sales, out of which some experience in advertising and communication sector will be preferred.
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Trainer - Soft skills for Drivers

This position requires a highly sensitive professional who can impart training in hygiene, grooming, etiquettes, customer service and other such soft skills which are necessary for creating a superlative passenger experience. Another objective is to improve the life of drivers and their families, make them feel motivated and enhance their self-esteem. You will also be required to prepare or assist in preparation of training material including videos, presentations and distributable literature.

Manager, Business Development - Drivers Enrolment

You will lead a dedicated team of 15 that is engaged in enrolling Drivers cum Taxi Partners for Magic Sewa. Their work entails promotions, presentation, counseling, signup and visits to driver's homes and verification by police after signup. Existing network of taxi partners is used under referral scheme for enrolling new drivers. You will also be required to prepare or assist in the preparation of presentations including videos, presentations and distributable literature.

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