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Sexual Harassment Policy

Magic Sewa has been founded by Rakesh Agarwal, a social activist who has been running Nyayabhoomi, an NGO, since 2002 which is focused on RTI and transport policy. It is no secret that the passengers endure pain while using taxi or auto service. What Rakesh witnessed, studied in depth and later fought against was the victimisation of the entire taxi and auto drivers community due to bad regulations, poor implementation and exploitative environment.

Thus emerged Magic Sewa which is sharply focused on three things:-
  1. High quality, secure and affordable taxi and auto services
  2. Welfare and upward mobility of drivers and their families
  3. Responsibility towards society and total compliance of law

Magic Sewa is looking to make a difference in an industry beset with non-reliability, non- transparent pricing, passenger safety concerns, drivers behavioural issues and legal entanglements. In the long run, the company envisions redefining mobility of both passengers and goods from the perspective of accessibility, affordability, traffic congestion and protection of environment through optimised use of vehicles.

The company has two immediate term objectives


To offer secure, reliable and responsible auto and taxi services which are easily accessible at affordable prices


To ensure a life of dignity, financial security and future full of hope for the drivers community



Rakesh, 48, leads the company. He also runs an NGO which is active in the transport policy domain and enjoys the support of lakhs of auto and taxi drivers of Delhi. His exposure to global trade in 1990s and keen interest in new age technologies place him well as the CEO.


Sumit is a management consultant with entrepreneurship at heart who has worked with leading consulting companies in CEO advisory, strategy and business concept formulations across retail, education, ecommerce and many more sectors.


An inquisitive management and IT professional, Geetagya has 2 decades of experience in managing projects, people and operations with MNCs and startups. He has interest in yoga, human rights and is an avid sports enthusiast with a flair for travelling.

Amitabh Bansal

A giant of Indian automobile industry, Amitabh played a key role in introducing Volvo in India. He brings to the table the wisdom of 30 years of experience and has been the guiding force streamlining the operations of Magic Sewa.

Param Shobhit

Param is one of the senior most social media and marketing professionals in India. His experience includes working with HP, Dell, Nokia, MSL and Edelman in various positions. His days are spent in moulding Magic Sewa's marketing strategy when he is not working on his book.

Santosh Kumar Jha

Santosh is an accomplished, motivated and versatile professional with over 15 years of industry experience in information technology and possesses unmatched analytical skills. He has a B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering from Bangalore University.


B.E. from Manipal Institute of Technology and M.Sc. from Newcastle University UK, Amit is experienced in management of large projects. His passion for attention to detail and focus on deliverables stand him in good stead as the head of service delivery.

Dharam Singh

An auto driver for 20 years, leading a trade union for 5 and a committed volunteer of Nyayabhoomi since 2002, Dharam Singh is well connected in the autorickshaw sector. He is the guiding force for the senior management for driver's relationships.


Corporate Social Responsibility is built into the DNA of the organisation and extends to our proud captains. Whenever the occasion demands, we extend our helping hand to improve an individual's life or look after the well-being of a community. Our captains on the road are trained and motivated to play Good Samaritans and are ever ready to help a person in distress or work hand in hand with the authorities for greater common good. In times of natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes, we have resolved to put our entire fleet out on the road in the service of humanity.

Structured non-profit activities will be undertaken as the company matures.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy has been put in place in order to ensure proper behaviour/dignity of each employee. The policy includes the definition of 'sexual harassment', support structure available to a potential victim, responsibility of the managers and supervisors to monitor working environment and the process to handle complaints. The policy is part of the 'employees' manual' which is available to all employees and is explained to them separately as part of the joining procedures and orientation programme.